Sunday, April 4, 2010

Right or just wrong!

Has anyone seen the latest trend going on with parents today and how they deal with their kids? What I've seen scares me a bit, to say the least. I call it "plug them in and tune them out". I'm in a restaurant the other day and there's a party of eight people at this table. At the end of the table a nine year old kid with headphones on, and hooked up to a computer. What are we thinking people? Your child will never develop any social skills unless they are encouraged to participate in the conversation at the table! Why do these people have kids if they don't want to parent them? Are they just mere props ? My cute little play toy so i can dress them up to look like me thing? Plug them in to a DVD and press enter! Entering no-wheresville!!!!! TV'S in the back of SUVS, distractions for the kids makes it easy to please. But their missing out! Missing the journey waiting to arrive!!! unplug your kids and start talking to these gems they are important thats why you had them in the first place. Right?