Sunday, October 2, 2011


Do something nice for someone today, open a door and something good usually walks through. Put yourself out there and it will come back to you. Closing yourself down only creates the struggle. Say hello to someone you see all the time but never acknowledge. Right now i'm trying to recognize the existence of energy. When there's no energy there's no life, no movement and only stiffness. Go out today and put some good energy into the world cause right now we could all use some. Anger is an energy sucker.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My knee I've been kneading like the dough for a pizza

Sleep, sleeping, can't sleep so I'm back! back in blog. Who cares? I don't know but anyway just had knee surgery and WTF does it hurt! Has anyone met a doctor that doesn't lie? Cause they will tell you anything to get you under the knife. It's only a 4 week recovery they tell you! "don't worry you'll be fine". Incoming!!!! in comes the bitter physical therapist. Now i know I'm a little paranoid but this lady is out to fuck with me. She's my faith healer who asks you a question but has no time for the answer. I'm like a Big Mac at the drive through, quick! lets go! can i take your order? dammit! i got people behind you hurry up and get better! According to her were always behind you should be further along!! doe's that hurt? really? I'm on a mission to win her over and kill her with kindness cause it would be to easy to hate this one. Try it out this week when you see an asshole be nice to them, give them a smile, listen to their problems and throw them a rub and tug if you're feeling extra nice. It just might be what a therapist needs. We can all use a little reminder of what it means to heal.