Friday, January 15, 2010


TV I mean come on i every time i turn it on there's nothing but shit! And when i mean shit i mean negativity, every day we are inundated with negativity. I'm surprised I can even get up in the morning without taking a gun to my head these days. Let's talk about NPR national public radio for starters. I want to be informed on current events, be in the know but damn is this station fucking depressing! Everywhere in the world right now some fucked up shit is going down and most people are just out shopping for some stupid shit they don't really need. Of course I'm guilty of this kind of shenanigan's too!! stay clear! steer away from shenanigan's. The other day driving to work, It's early, too fucking early for me but whatever. I'm listening to NPR and in some country I can't even pronounce this guy was tortured, stoned and set on fire while still alive. Sick fucking people in this world! Accountability ?? No one today is accountable for there actions! Politician's, pimps, priests, pedophile's and there's a lawyer for everybody. Pat Robertson millionaire evangelist just the other day said the earthquake in Haiti was the children's fault cause of all that voodoo they practice down there! It's Karma he says! what a dumb fuck! Take the religion out of schools take art out of the budget, screen the passengers at the airport! fuck it let's all fly naked and to hell with the terrorists. Why do people care about so much bullshit today?? People ask me how's your day going? and when i say great, they look at me funny as if there's something wrong. But really their looking for something to be wrong so they can relate. Without drama people have no connection to each other today! Can we be blamed?

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